Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4th US National Bonsai Exposition, Rochester N.Y.

There are by now many Photos on blogs with shots from the National, so let's add to that number!

We arrived Thursday, and pulled all Natures Way items out of the travel van, and placed in the assigned booth. Friday was setup day, so with everything already there, setting everything in place was a breeze. This provided a little time in the afternoon to casually stroll the exhibit as it was being set up.

The new venue Bill Valavanis found is in East Rochester, in the Total Sports Experience building. Quite a different venue from 2012, which was in a poorly lighted quonset hut!
The display area was about twice the previous size. The vendor area was about 4 times the previous, as was the demo area. The lighting was extremely good, so every detail was clearly visible. This made shopping a breeze! The flooring was covered by artificial turf, so was pleasant to walk on and see...

Sara Rayner was there with more pots than I had ever seen her bring to any show! By the end of the show, she sold about 75%!
 Ron & Sharon Lang pulled in early Thursday, so I helped them unload. Some of the containers were fresh from the August Kiln Opening.

 Suthin had a stand just down from natures Way. Some very sweet little trees there!
 MC2 was there, just across the way from us, also with some extraordinary containers.

 John Bierley of Quiet Spirit Arts brought some harvested trees, and some he has been working for awhile. Loved the mascot! This received many interesting stares from the little children who escorted their parents...
 Natures Way had a great stand...something for everyone! And...it was right by the exit door, so we always had fresh air!
 Ross Adams of Nitju had very nice containers. This was the first time for Ross, so he received some good exposure to the national community...a very necessary thing.
 Another shot of Sara's stand...
Mike Pollock had a killer Spruce...can I take it home mama, please?
 Julian Adams had already set up Thursday, so was taking a well-deserved break...
 Suthin always has a smile for us...
 ...and so does our own Karen...
 ...who we interrupted while she was discussing collected yamadori with Andy Smith.
 Jim Doyle had a very nice tree in the show (an old Ginko) and several stones. Turns out he had to water them as well!
 "Jim...my shoes don't need to be watered!" Mike Pollock was a fellow student under Colin Lewis, my first teacher...
 Sean Smith of Harrisburg entered a tree which was a discussion point for the exhibition...
 Jim Gremel had a sweet cascade Atlas Cedar...

 These shohin were planted in Yusen pottery...extremely rare. The owner has received calls from Japan about them! Really beautiful artwork...

 This Yusen pot is about the size of a large thumbnail.
 A very nice shohin cascade Pine...
 These cranes were found in an antique shop...for $13!
 Brian Hollowell had a magnificent Rocky Mountain Juniper in the exhibit...it took one of the top prizes! And well deserved..the foliage was perfectly placed and properly wired. The pot was understated, and the color worked very well with the live veins and the deadwood.
Well Done Brian!!!!!

 One of Suthin's little Pines...
 Dave Knittle discussing display tables...he brought over (30) commissioned tables to the exhibit for use in the exhibit!
 Larry Jackel was there, all the way from Colorado. We had a great discussion on collected yamadori over a sumptuous Japanese dinner!
 My overall impression was that the National is showing the same jumps of progress and quality as Ginko did in Europe. Each successive show is better than the last, and the tree quality has improved dramatically.
The creativity of American bonsai artists is quickly catching up to the rest of the World!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Ron Lang 6th Summer Kiln Opening: Labor Day Weekend, 2014

Ron Lang held his 6th Summer Kiln Opening this past Saturday. As always...it was a BLAST!
Here are a few shots of the event.
We opened the kiln, and removed (carefully!) about 200 nice pieces, of all sizes and shapes.
Some were commissioned pieces, while others were up for grabs.

Ron and Sharon then prepared lunch for all...wonderful pasta salad, grilled specialties, and lots of wonderful additions to finish everything off (including killer chocolate chip cookies!).

My sincere THANKS! to Ron and Sharon for another job WELL DONE!