Friday, December 2, 2016

Old Rosade San Jose Juniper Revived!

...Here is an old (maybe 45 years) San Jose Juniper Chase dug from his field a few years back. It was potted, some carving done, and it grew...

Chase sold the tree 3 years ago at one of his sales. Subsequently it was taken to several workshops with Mauro Stemberger to get it back in shape.

Someone had carved cross-grain which was a major issue on the deadwood, but was fixed.
Foliage was arranged properly, and the result can be seen.

Still need to seal the old wood, and apply lime sulphur, but for now I will let the tree rest over the winter...

Pix of the tree as purchased from Chase:

...and post-restoration:

new front:

and back:


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ocean City Flower Show, 2016

We had an excellent time at the Ocean City Flower Show.  A big thanks to everyone for participating and especially to Connie Kruegl who created so many beautiful kusamono in support of our trees.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Urban Yamadori: Barberry!

Wondering thru a local church "attic" store, and look what greeted me on the way out!

These 2 Barberries are perhaps 40-50 years old...just magnificent!
The church was happy to rid themselves of such sticker-shocking trees, since the folks who volunteer to do the landscaping have been complaining for years.

They are planning to replant the flower bed with flowers! What a concept...