Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Morning Bonsai Enthusiasts, Just got back from Saratoga Springs’ and the ABS Convention/Symposium. Great Time and a lot of fun. There seemed to be more instructors than students (not really) but there was a lot of teaching going on. BSSJ was represented by myself, Dr. Karen, Joe Giangrasso and Dr. Stone and of course, our better halves accompanied us. Dr. Karen’s ficus won one of the four awards for display trees, I think her category was “Hobbyist with Local Grown Tree.” Maybe she can clear that up. Anyway, congratulations Dr. Karen Harkaway on some great work!!! Beautiful tree. I’ve included some photos of some of the excellent trees on display. For once they were all displayed outside in a garden within the hotel. Very nice set up but some forecast inclement weather gave some folks some anxious moments. Met a lot of nice people and got instruction on Pines from Julian Adams and on Tree Physiology from Dr. Enrique Costano. Good stuff. If you ever get the chance, don’t hesitate to try and get to one of these functions. They are very instructive, you meet a lot of nice people and you do a lot of eating. J Sincerely, Tom De Simone President Bonsai Society of South Jersey

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Here are photos from last night's meeting with Chase Rosade. Great attendance and a lot of fun. Good stuff.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Memo

Hello Bonsai Enthusiasts!!!! Happy September! The Summer Doldrums are over and we can get to fertilizing and doing all kinds of neat things to our bonsai. This marks a six week growing season as temps begin to cool and the trees begin their preparation for Winter. Best to fertilize with compounds heavier in the last two numbers and lower in the first number, NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) which will toughen your trees for winter. As we all know, Nitrogen is much more useful in the Spring as it aids heavy growth. Have fun. This month’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 11th at Clover Garden Center, Mt. Laurel, NJ from 7PM to 9PM. Our sensei, Chase Rosade, will be visiting to again judge and give advice on our individual trees. I would ask that each member bring ONE BONSAI for Chase to review. Last time, we were swamped and many trees did not get the once over. So, ONE TREE PER CUSTOMER, PLEASE. Our October Meeting will be held at Tom & Connie Kruegl’s house at the Jersey Shore on Saturday, October 5th. 10AM to whenever. This will be a combination workshop, BBQ/Covered Dish and Auction. All members and their “significant others” (I can’t believe I said that.) are invited. I would personally like to thank Tom and Connie for opening their home to us for this event. They have a big back yard and everyone should be accommodated. More on the October Fest as we get closer. November’s meeting should be on 11/13, 7 to 9PM at Clover. I am inviting a good photographer and woodworker to our meeting to talk about photographing our trees. I am hoping he can also set up an area for photographs and take some “Playboy” photos of some of our trees for a fee. More on November as we get closer. December there will be no meeting but our annual Holiday Party at the Party House, Thank You very much Mike and Karen. In October, I will be e-mailing everyone asking for nominations for the positions of BSSJ President, Vice President and four members of the Steering Committee who will take office January 1, 2014. I believe it is time for new blood, new ideas, new energy to lead the Bonsai Society of South Jersey. Jay Burton took over as Treasurer two years ago and will remain in that position for another two years as per our Bylaws. I would ask everyone to think about who they would like in these positions so that in October, you can provide names when I ask. The elections will be held in November and the new officers will be announced December 1st. That is it for now. Please contact me with any questions, comments, etc. See you on the 11th. Sincerely, Tom De Simone