Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Morning Bonsai Enthusiasts, Just got back from Saratoga Springs’ and the ABS Convention/Symposium. Great Time and a lot of fun. There seemed to be more instructors than students (not really) but there was a lot of teaching going on. BSSJ was represented by myself, Dr. Karen, Joe Giangrasso and Dr. Stone and of course, our better halves accompanied us. Dr. Karen’s ficus won one of the four awards for display trees, I think her category was “Hobbyist with Local Grown Tree.” Maybe she can clear that up. Anyway, congratulations Dr. Karen Harkaway on some great work!!! Beautiful tree. I’ve included some photos of some of the excellent trees on display. For once they were all displayed outside in a garden within the hotel. Very nice set up but some forecast inclement weather gave some folks some anxious moments. Met a lot of nice people and got instruction on Pines from Julian Adams and on Tree Physiology from Dr. Enrique Costano. Good stuff. If you ever get the chance, don’t hesitate to try and get to one of these functions. They are very instructive, you meet a lot of nice people and you do a lot of eating. J Sincerely, Tom De Simone President Bonsai Society of South Jersey


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