Friday, October 4, 2013

October Memo

Good Day Bonsai Enthusiasts, Happy October. The leaves are starting to change and I hope your trees are all doing fine. Remember, tomorrow is our workshop, covered dish BBQ and auction at Tom and Connie Kruegl’s house in Seaview, NJ near Ocean City. Hope everyone can make it. Bring a tree or two you wish to work on, bring something you may want to sell (proceeds go to the club) and bring some good food for all to share. Also, BYOB. Starts at 10AM and lasts until ????? OK, this is important. We are taking nominations for the following Club Officers/ Positions. The current officers have been in these positions for five years. It is time for new people and new ideas. Those up for nomination will then be voted on in November with the results published in early December and the newly elected taking over in January, 2014. These are all two year terms. So, I would ask that members send nominations for the following positions to both myself and our Vice President; Dr. Karen Harkaway. Feel free to nominate yourself or anyone else. The only people not being nominated to any position would be myself and Dr. Karen. All others are open to nomination. President Vice President Steering Committee #1 Steering Committee #2 Steering Committee #3 Steering Committee #4 The position of Treasurer is currently being filled by Jay Burton and he has at least another year on holding the position. Please get back to us with nominations. It is important for the health of the Bonsai Society of South Jersey that new people take over. My E-Mail is Dr. Karen’s E-Mail is I will also post this on our blog site. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Tom De Simone President Bonsai Society of South Jersey

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