Monday, October 7, 2013

BSSJ October Workshop!

Our October workshop was kindly hosted by Tom & Connie Kruegl at their home in Seaview South Jersey.
Weather was wonderful, and all spent the day enjoying it, their bonsai, good friends, and SOOOO MUCH FOOD!
Here are some highlights:
Tom K. had one of his fav tropicals to tune up:

Doc Stone brought a nice Juniper that needed a slight haircut. He selected the bit to come off
closed his new pair of cutters, and...VOILA:
the offending bit is GONE!

Uncle Jay was there, and had some wonderful stories to tell about King George and an interesting land deal in South Jersey.
Karen Smith listened in disbelief...

as Did Bruce Montgomery (who also had a tasty Spruce!):
Of course, our Salt Lamp Fellowe, Mr. John, had HIS own tales! Moms...lock up your daughters! 
Our Prez Tommy D. had his "FrankenFicus" to de-wire and re-wire...

The venue was a nice open shady back yard, with some tables strategically situated in the shade...

A number of folks brought items to auction:
Overall, the workshop was a success. Some timely work got done on trees, folks had some great camaraderie, and the food was WONDERFUL!

Our sincere THANKS to Tom and Connie!

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  1. Thank you Flex for taking the photos and posting them. Great time. We have to try this more often. Maybe Jay will actually bring something next time!!! :-)