Friday, November 1, 2013

BSSJ Elections and November Meeting

Good Morning Bonsai Enthusiasts, November begins on a wet and windy note. Hope all your trees are nice and secure so they won’t be blown over. We’ve gotten all the nominations for the election of new officers for 2014 and 2015. Everyone should know the people up for election. We will vote in two phases. From now until November 15, you will vote for the President and Vice President only. November 16 through November 30th, we will vote for the four people to comprise the steering committee. Any Questions??? No??? Good. Here are the candidates for President and Vice President. President 1.) Flex Houvig 2.) Doc Stone Vice President 1.) Flex Houvig 2.) Doc Stone 3.) Joe Giangrasso 4.) Tom Kruegl Please send your votes to me at AND ALSO TO Dr. Karen Harkaway at So send to me and CC Karen. We will print out the votes and hold them should anyone want to see them. I will announce the results on November 15th and we will move on with the votes for Steering Committee. If you are a member, and there are 45 of us, please vote!!!! This will be important for our club going into the future. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 13th, 7PM to 9PM at Clover Garden Center. There will be a guest speaker and an auction benefiting BSSJ. More on the meeting as we move forward. As usual, please bring any bonsai for our display table or that you may wish to discuss or work on. Time to vote, folks!!!! Sincerely, Tom De Simone President Bonsai Society of South Jersey

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