Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Japanese Cherry: 3 Years On

This Japanese Cherry was in a post from December 2010. At that time there was some minimal carving done, and the tree was allowed to grow out and gain strength.
Here are several views from 2010.

The section of trunk below the hollows died back. The surface bark was removed to expose the underlying deadwood, and this was carved to look like an old rotted tree. Here is the tree before starting work.
A "diaper" was added around the trunk to contain the carving chips, and work was started.
On getting beyond the firmer surface wood, I discovered a rotting core on the center left. This guided the carving deeper into the heart of the trunk.

The Cherry will now rest over the Winter, and the carved area will naturalize. In the spring it will be brushed and treated with preservative.

The canopy is building out nicely, so we may have a very nice design in a few more years. In the meantime the flowers will be a delight!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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