Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December Bonsai Enthusiasts!!! The four people who have been elected to the BSSJ steering committee are: 1.) Tom Kruegl 2.) Karen Harkaway 3.) Karen Smith 4.) Joe Giangrasso Congratulations!!!!! The elections are officially over. If anyone wishes to see the individual votes please let me know as I've kept every e-mail. Beginning in January, 2014, the new club officers will be President: Flex Houvig Vice President, Doc Stone Treasurer, Jay Burton Steering Committee: Tom Kruegl Steering Committee: Dr. Karen Harkaway Steering Committee: Karen Smith Steering Committee: Joe Giangrasso Elections will be held again in two years, November, 2015 for all positions. Remember, our holiday, covered dish party will be held again at Dr. Karen's "Party House", Saturday, December 21. More details on the party will follow but all members and their "significant others" are invited to attend. These are very nice affairs and really shouldn't be missed. Speak with you all soon, Sincerely Tom De Simone President Bonsai Society of South Jersey

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