Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Good Afternoon Bonsai Enthusiasts,

First, I would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 and may all of our bonsai thrive and get better and better in the coming year.

Today is my last day as President of the Bonsai Society of South Jersey. Flex Houvig will be our new President and I wish him well. It has been great fun and very satisfying being President for the past five years. I’ve met so many wonderful people and made so many new friends.

Our club membership has grown to more than 40 people. We now display regularly at the Ocean City Flower Show and hope to start this Fall at Arts in the Park at Smithville, NJ. We are also a member of the Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies and have had Masters visit us and give advice and talks.

We are a nice group of people and everyone seems genuinely ready to help everyone else. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone and thank you all for the help, cooperation and support you have given me over the years. I would also like to thank Paula and Bobby Brandamarte for graciously allowing us to use the facilities at Clover Garden Center.

But it is time for new directions, new energy and new ideas to make our club better and stronger. So starting tomorrow, a new group takes over and I will become a Bonsai Enthusiast. J

Thank you again for your support.


Tom De Simone


Bonsai Society of South Jersey

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