Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Workshop! (in the howlin' rain no less!)

The March repotting workshop was a hit! We had (9) members (see shots) who all worked diligently on potting / repotting their trees. Everything from tropicals to deciduous to conifers, of all shapes ages, and sizes, were represented.

Tom K.'s better half (who found their way to Starbucks for AM coffee) had some wonderful accent plants from the Flower Show, to help out poor Tom as accents for his Cotoneaster.

Andrew had some sweet little collected pines, while Rob set about dealing with a tasty Scots pine.

Sandy set up his junipers in a mother-daughter arrangement.

Paula had us set up in the greenhouse, where there was plenty of room and light. There were wonderful treats on hand from Amish bakers to set the mood for repotting.
Everyone was well prepared with soil, tubs for containing the repotting mess, tools, soil, and the normal array of necessary items.

When the repotting was mostly finished, Sandy volunteered his Junipers for some wiring fun. Turns out these Junipers were his "Ugly Betties" from the Feb. meeting, so he was glad to have a good start on the wiring, and the styling. have homework to continue! The club will be watching...

Len had a very tasty dwarf Spruce. He plans on getting into styling it as soon as the repotting shock is over.

Karen had some new tropicals (including a nice dwarf Ficus) to try out in small pots, and one of her Azaleas which got a new home.

Bob J. had some interesting tropicals, and he "stuck" with the repotting theme. Will be interesting to see them as they push out new spring branches.

Take some time and browse the pix...part of repotting fun today in BSSJ!



  1. Thanks Flex! I learned a lot today. Especially how to find the Marlton Starbucks!

  2. ...oh for a great cuppa Joe!
    Goes great early AM, with a tree to wire, and some good blues (like Bonamassa)!

  3. Flex,

    That really looked like a nice get together and thank you for heading it up. I am really glad that the clubs first workshop was a success and I am sorry I missed it (not too sorry, mind you :-))

    Congratulations to all and I'll see you all next month.


  4. That pitch pine looks cool. I wonder where that guy got it. It looks like it comes from the pygmy plains or somewhere up in the Appalachians.

  5. The pitch pine is from a seed that I germinated about 5 years ago.

  6. But where did Andrew get the pitch pine seeds? That's what I'd like to know.