Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 10th, Morning Workshop

July Workshop.

Had a nice turnout of about 15 people for our July Workshop at Clover Garden Center, even though we did not have a Reporter or Photographer from the Courier Post.

Fairly cool and rainy morning with some nice trees to work on and a lot of the usual conversation, advice, ifs, ands and buts, offerings of opinions, etc.

Charles Larke has a new spruce to work on aided by Mac McMullen.

John Grisafi worked on one of his small ficus and brought in a large hedge maple.

Joan & Stan Karp were opening up and trimming some of their juniper procumbent.

Jay Burton and Yetta Bergman were talking about the finer points of his fine ficus necrophilia

Tom & Connie Krugel brought in a wonderful ficus which had hundreds of little, but inedible figs on it. Really neat.

These workshops are a great place to have fun, do some needed work on your trees and share a lot of good information and stories.

August’s meeting will be in the evening, at Clover Garden Center, Wednesday, August 11th, 7PM to 9PM, to work on trees and discuss upcoming activities of the club.

Hope to see you then.

Tom De Simone
Bonsai Society of South Jersey


  1. Tom, I think you meant to say "Ficus salicifolia". :-)!

  2. Someone sent me your new site. Just wanted to stop by and say congratulations on your new club! Having helped form a society many years ago, I know the work and the joy!

    You certainly have a great mentor, take advantage of Chase ;)

    Mary Miller, Miami FL