Monday, September 6, 2010

My Bonsai

Happy Labor Day my friends! Today is my favorite day of the year. After a verry long and hot summer, my trees finally got some quality time from me.
Today, all my tropicals were cut back after nice growing season. Pruning for movement was the order of the day.
My F. salicifolia "89" took the most time. Each and every branch tip was cut back to allow more sun and air into the canopy. Each cut was made after careful consideration of directionality. Before pruning, the apex was completely obscured by foliage. Hope to see everyone at the September meeting!


  1. Nice tree Tom. How big is the tree and can you bring it to the meeting?

  2. Sure, I will bring it. Measurements are: nebari 10", trunk above nebari 3", height from rim of pot 14", width of canopy 18", depth of canopy 18".

    See you Wednesday.

  3. Nice tree Tom! Thanks for bringing this to the meeting!

  4. None of the trees are connected to other trees. The white cedar is chamaecyparis thyoides, the shrub is hudsonia ericoides.