Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bonsai in the 2K11 Philadelphia Flower Show

So...Bonsai March Madness is here, and what better way to start it all off than attending the Philly Flower Show.

Pennsylvania Bonsai set up it's booth on Friday, at the 2K11 Philly Flower Show. The booth is located in the middle of the floor, directly between the entrance and Dock B, and just behind the Rosade Bonsai Studio.
Here are a few shots from the setup. The Show looks to be even better this year than in the past...highly recommend attending!


  1. Flex,

    Are you and Karen displaying this year? IS one of the above yours?


  2. ...Yup...Karen and I have trees in the Show. Remember my Ugly Betty Elm? I put that and a Rocky Mountain Juniper in. Karen put in a Nice juniper on which she did some nice carving. She also has a nice little forest.
    Try to get down to see them!

  3. Thanks for the pics, Flex! I can't make the show this year.