Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Conference, Hershey, PA 2011

Don Lem and I drove up to Hershey yesterday in the pouring rain and had a very good time. The members who attended were myself, Don Lem, Karen Harkaway, Flex Houvig, Doc Stone, Alec Pettifer and George McMullen plus Chase Rosade. I photographed all of the display trees and here are some from the show. I believe the second photo is of Karen Harkaway's tree and the last two tree photos are Solita Rosade's and Chase Rosade's respectively. The last photo is some of our folks at the show but I never got a change to get everyone together. Mid-Atlantic is interested in having us join their organization. More on that later.


  1. As usual, I screwed up the order. The first two tree photos are of Chase's and Solita's. The second to the last is Karen's.

  2. The first pic is my favorite 'cuz it includes my Jenny! The moment it was taken meant a lot to me, I felt surrounded by people I like and admire, sharing a passion we all love.

    I have to admit I was suffering a heavy bout of bi-polar depression that weekend, but I bet you couldn't tell, could ya?