Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creating Deadwood on Bonsai

At our last meeting, Dr Karen Harkaway presented a wonderful lecture on creating deadwood on Bonsai.

Nice Job!!


  1. In the first picture, Karen is NOT throwing a poison dart at Flex!

  2. Folks...I supplied several links to Karen for buying Dremel saws, collets and other small rotary bits. The site I use is Widget Supply, which can be found here:

    For those of you who want to get into the big time with a Foredom, you can find them here:

    ...and collet sets (for different-sizes of bit shafts) here:

    The Foredom is nice for big jobs, like hollowing out a trunk, or removing a lot of wood quickly. I used it in carving the heavy wood from the Japanese Cherry I blogged over the winter.
    Several rules which everyone needs to pay attention to:
    1. The Foredom can rotate at 24000 RPM, so any tool spinning at this rate bears respect. Keep the bit away from the soil line, because if contact is made with soil, it can throw hard bits into your face, and will certainly ruin the bit;
    2. ALWAYS...ALWAYS wear eye protection. This is particularly true when using rotary wire brushes, because the wire bristles detach from the shaft, and are hurled at high rates outward. If no eye protection, a wire bit could wind up embedded in your cornea, ruining your sight;
    3....and lastly...DO NOT mix alcohol and power tools! Save the cold ones for AFTER the job is finished for the day, and you are sitting back to enjoy your work!

    Stay Cool, and have a great summer! :)