Saturday, March 16, 2013

BSSJ March 2K13 Workshop with Jim Doyle

On this dreary Saturday we hardy South Jersey folk gathered at Clover Gardens, to put in some quality time with Jim Doyle, from Natures Way near Harrisburg, Pa.
Jim has been doing bonsai for over 30 years, so is knowledgable in all aspects of the art. In addition, he has traveled extensively in Japan, Europe, and the US, learning, discussing demonstrating, and trying to raise the quality level of bonsai thru the world.
A number of folks brought trees for critique, direction, instruction, and just plain fun!

Jim brought shohin for a nice display...a miniature Hinoki, a nice Trident Maple, and a small stone.

At the start of the critique, first victim was John, and his small Pine.

Jim has some easy suggestions to add some movement.
...John is not so sure the trunk won't break!

Next...Jay Walter's Ficus. Grown for a few decades, the tree has a nice base, and pleasing lines and structure.
Jay describes how he was thinking of lowering
the top  from here...

to here....

...and Jim believes the tree is just about right!

Next up is Connie with a nice Yew, purchased from Natures Way in 2012. Jim describes some basic features of the tree.
Of course, there is too much soil, and the roots need to be closer to the surface, so a shallower pot may be used.

No problem...Jim quickly solves the problem.

Presto...tree is shorter!

" is now shorter, and if the roots are nicely spread, it can be placed in a shallower pot which is wider, so the roots can grow".

"What did he DO to MY TREE?"

"Oh well...maybe this little clay pot will do for the time being..."!

Connie's husband Tom found a nice Engelmann Spruce at Natures Way which will keep Tom busy for a few weekends here in the Spring.

The tree has interesting lines, and potential. Jim cuts away the nursery pot to get a better look at the base and nebari.

Here is one mounting possibility which will yield a pretty nice piece.

Doc (aka Pope Francis!!!) had a nice Pine with graceful movement, and good branch placement.

So the question now is.....

Karen had her Kosteri. What a sweetie! Jim is impressed with the health.

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