Thursday, May 1, 2014

Suthin Demo at BSSJ!

Hey everyone...I hope you all got home safely thru the major rain Wednesday evening. Here in Eastern Pa. we had 5 inches!
I believe we had about 1/2 of our club members in attendance at the demo. Quite a turn-out, especially considering the rain...
Anyway...I have had many positive comments on Suthin, and how he demonstrates and works.
This exceptional artist combines teaching, styling, easy-going clean tree work, and comedy...which made for a very entertaining evening. Many new lessons learned, and from a slim-trunked, full-foliaged Hinoki, a beautiful bonsai lady emerged.

Jay Burton presided over raffle tickets, and one lucky BSSJ member was rewarded with a super-nice tree!
Congrats to Andrew DuBrul!
So here are some highlights from the evening...enjoy!
Suthin, ready to start!         

...while Rob was thinking about the Flyers 7th game...

Suthin quizzed the club about where the "front" should be...
 ...and once this was figured out (and why), Suthin began to remove excess foliage. Some wound up in some very strange places!

...and all had a good chuckle!
...Suthin proceeded to apply wire to the remaining foliage... the members watched, and asked questions...a treat to see such a talented artist at his best!

 ...The tickets were sold, and...WE HAD A WINNER! Congrats to Andrew DuBrul, and his beautiful Hinoki!

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  1. We had over 25 people. Very nice turnout!!!. Suthin is a very nice man with a very instructive presentation. He told me he liked the responsiveness of our club. Lots of questions. Thank you to Paula for the refreshments. I ate too many dounuts!!! Tom