Friday, December 24, 2010

Japanese Cherry: Winter Carving!

This old Japanese Cherry belongs to an old friend who had to relocate to the West Coast for work, so I am the designated 'bonsai nanny'.


The tree had previously had some carving done, and several major branches removed. I decided to clean all this up, and get some preservative on it.
Deciduous look better when the carving results in holes, partly-hollowed trunks, etc. Jins sticking out do not look as good on deciduous as on coniferous, and they will not last nearly as long in the weather.

Spent about 6 hours getting rid of the lobbed-off limb on the upper left, and the gray partly-carved main branch at top center of the tree. The resulting hollowed areas will be left to over-winter, and some more preservative will be applied in the spring of 2K11.



Additional work is also needed on the branches. A structure is started, but it will take perhaps 5-7 years to build it out to a foliage mass that is appropriate for this beautiful tree.
That foliage mass will also support wonderful flowers in the spring!



  1. Flex,

    What kind of preservative do you use on deciduous trees like this cherry or maples, etc.?

  2. Tom...I have found that PC-Petrifier works well, and it's not toxic to trees, and not flammable.


    The Minwax stuff works OK, but it leaves a sheen on the deadwood that has to be wire-brushed off,it is highly flammable, and is a major eye irritant.

    PC-Petrifier is made locally in Allentown Pa.