Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walter Pall at Natures Way

Walter Pall was back at Jim Doyles' Dec. 3-4-5. Several BSSJ folks took advantage and joined in the workshop. Walter discussed all trees brought by attendees, and made some very good recommendations for styling, carving, potting, etc.

Jim Doyle is an expert on Maples, and discussed several "killer" Maples he has been growing.

Here he is sharing comments on this old Rocky Mountain Juniper.

This Rocky Mountain Juniper was collected several years ago, and has been growing nicely at Natures Way. Walter discussed how the foliage could be made more compact, so the beautiful deadwood would be more visible.

Walter discussed removal of scraggly branches on this wonderfully twisted Ponderosa Pine.

this one is well over 800 years, and you can see the beautiful twisting deadwood & live vein.

Walter was in middle of explaining one point when one of Jim's dogs wandered into the area. One workshop attendee had a pastry, laying on the bench behind his back, while he listened to Walter. The dog spied the goodie, and you can see the result.

Walter almost burst out laughing, and we who saw it howled!

We worked on this old Spruce, collected up in the Rockies. It is well over 1000 years old, and is loaded with beautiful deadwood.

Walter will be back in Spring 2K11. I have received a number of valuable bits of information from Walter, which have improved my understanding of bonsai, and of my trees.

I highly recommend attendance at Walter's workshops. He is a wealth of knowledge!


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