Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday: Kunio Kobayashi: Special Techniques

Today out to Bill Valavanis' place for a demo of special techniques by Kunio K. About 25 folks here, some of whom are Bill's employees.
1st subject is a Maple with a straight boring center section of trunk. Technique shown where Maple whips are affixed to lowest branches, and allowed to graft to them. These then take over task of supplying water and nutrition to the rest of the tree.
When these have taken, the boring section is cut out and re-grafted to the main roots, while the whips are fully supporting the top of the tree. This lower trunk graft will take 3 years to complete, but in the process a lower tree has been created, and movement can be added at the main graft point, adding even more interest.
Same technique is used to "move" a branch to a better spot on the tree.

Next technique shown is how to bend a thick trunk easily, without resorting to dangerous cuts or heavy bending. Performed on a pine with straight trunk, and when done, major movement introduced to the pine trunk.

Bill is taking $$ offers....

Last tree worked on is old Rocky Mountain Juniper, which will have major branch bent, as well as major restyling...all in preparation for next National Exhibition in 2 years.

Tired...long day...

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