Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rob's Scotch Pine

One of our members, Rob Byrnes, sent these three photos of the progress on one of his trees in which he was assisted by flex hoevig.
The bottom photo is one, the upper right is two and the upper left is three. (Appearantly, you load photos on the blog from last to first.)
We'd like another photo from Rob of the whole tree to see what it looks like in total or maybe he could bring it to June's meeting.
This is from flex:
Pine looks great! Nice job with finishing the wiring.
Have you kept it in semi-shade for the last two weeks? If so, the tree is probably ready again for some real sun, so it is safe to move it to full sun.
Normal watering (every 3 or 4 days) as pines should stay a bit dryer until needles completely harden off which should be in several weeks. Then resume full watering and start fertilizing every two weeks. Use 20-20-20 one week, fish emulision next time around, and kelp the next time around. Trees like a variety of fertilizer. Add some Biogold or Green Dream pellets also...slow release stuff is good.
Also watch that the very tips of the tree stay slightly pointed upward, so as to give the buds the best chance of growing. Take a few photos over the growing season and start a folder for the tree. You will be surprised how it fills in from year to year.

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