Monday, June 14, 2010

US National Bonsai Exhibition: Closing Day

...So it was a very full day today. Up again at dawn for an hour walk, then a shower, breakfast and a Starbucks. Gather everything up and off to the Exhibition. Wanted to get in early to mist the moss, and go back over the accents again, to see things I had surely missed.
Bill V. was also in early, and gave me permission to gather some shots of accents for study.

Bill had many books for sale, and of a sudden marked them down 50%...STAMPEDE! But I managed to climb out from under the clamor with several clean new books to add to the library for under $6 each! Deal!

Kunio is scheduled for a demo at 1 PM. Prior to him Dr. Alice Chen is doing bonsai scene painting. Turns out she made water-color paintings for the awards Sat. nite..very wonderful. She should be very easy to get good quality display shikishi from for our display scrolls.

Kunio worked on a large Juniper, and turned it into a cascade with some large jins and shari on 1/3 of the trunk. He is quite the showman, constantly joking during his work. Peter Warren flew up from Texas convention just to interpret for him...and had not had any sleep for about 20 hours...he was glad to finish up and get back to the hotel last night.

5 PM...Exhibition closes!
Of a sudden the scramble of carts and people tugging at everything at once, to pack, roll out to the van, and off to wherever!
Packed up scroll, stand, tree and accent, then off to help Jim Doyle and family pack their stand.
This time we got it done in about 1 hour 40 minutes! Good thing, 'cause I was starved!

Jim and I had previously agreed on Indian food for tonite, and I visited the website of India House (in Rochester) to get a web coupon for $10.
Back to the hotel for a quick shower...Jim picked me up at 8, and off we went to India House.
Both had different menu items, so we could share. Mild curry and that wonderful Indian flat bread, and a cold beer...whew! Great dinner...and it didn't break the bank!

So...tomorrow...demo out at Bill V's with Kunio doing special advanced techniques...should be interesting! Camera still has room for about 300 more shots, and battery is holding!

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